The state Division of Parks and Recreation is encouraging all owners of off-highway vehicles to register their machines before the hunting season.

Parks rangers will be out in force during the hunting season to check registrations. Roadblocks will also be set up in conjunction with the Division of Wildlife Resources.OHVs can be registered through the Motor Vehicle Division in individual counties. The fee is $12 - $2 of which goes to fund the OHV education program. The remaining portion goes for the development of trails, facilities and administration of the program.

Besides having their OHVs registered, care should be taken that OHVs are in good working order and have proper safety equipment.

The division has been actively enforcing the state's new registration law and other laws pertaining to OHVs. "We are not here just to enforce the laws but also to give search and rescue assistance and to inform and educate the public," said Director Jerry A. Miller.

OHVs may be operated on public lands or roads designated as open to OHV travel.