Four astronauts who make up the crew of the space shuttle Endeavour that will be launched in May 1992 have visited the Simulations Division of Evans and Sutherland to review the computer models and database the company is preparing under a National Aeronautics and Space Administration contract.

They are Dan Brandstein, commander; Kevin Chilton, pilot; and Tom Akers and Pierre Thuot, mission specialists.In August, E&S was selected to supply the visual system for the next generation of NASA space flight training systems, which will bring $21 million to the company initially and could mean a total of $61 million.

The program calls for the installation of the computer visual system at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, in the Shuttle Mission Training Facility and the future Space Station Training Facility where astronauts receive shuttle training and where they will rehearse future space station operations.

E&S is providing up to 13 image generators and the associated databases and support services. The award was the first for the company's new ESIG-3000 image generator, which was announced in June.