Loni Anderson, who starred in "WKRP in Cincinnati" from 1978 to 1982, has agreed to make guest ap

pearances on the syndicated revival of that show, but she squelched rumors that she's going to join the cast of "Designing Women."Anderson, who's starring in the made-for-TV movie "White Hot: The Mysterious Murder of Thelma Todd" on NBC this Sunday, won't be a regular on "WKRP." (Although former cast members Gordon Jump, Frank Bonner and Richard Sanders will be.)

"Howard Hesseman (Dr. Johnny Fever) and I have agreed to guest on it from time to time if we're available and if Hugh Wilson (the show's creator) is involved," she said in a telephone interview. "They're starting with a two-parter . . . and we will be in that."

As for her character, receptionist Jennifer Marlowe, Anderson isn't sure what's happened to her since the show went off the air.

"I don't know. Maybe she's run off and married Johnny Fever," Anderson said with a laugh. "I have no idea what's happened to her."

According to reports in the tabloids - which were picked up by the legitimate press - Anderson was supposedly under consideration to replace Delta Burke on "Women." Burke, of course, has been battling with producers Harry Thomason and Linda Bloodworth-Thomason.

But despite the rumors, Anderson said she's never been approached about stepping into Burke's spot.

"I don't know where that (rumor) ever came from," she said. "It's something that I would never consider. It's kind of a figment of someone's imagination. It's totally false."

DEY WILL RETURN: Believe it or not, Susan Dey isn't leaving "L.A. Law" after all.

"It is a woman's prerogative to change her mind," said Dey. "Up until March, I had decided this was definitely my last season and had begun to pursue other projects. When they (Twentieth Television) approached me to discuss returning next year, it was an invitation I could not refuse."

What we don't know is what they'll do with her character (Grace), who has left the firm and is pregnant with Victor's (Jimmy Smits) baby.

Smits still plans to make just a few cameo appearances next year, and Harry Hamlin is still quitting.

BACK IN THE FAMILY?: There's no confirmation of this from CBS, but the current hot rumor is that the network will air "All In the Family" reruns this summer.

What is confirmed is that CBS will air a new Norman Lear sitcom for six weeks this summer. "Sunday Dinner" is a topical comedy starring Robert Loggia as a man engaged to a woman younger than his children. The show is scheduled for Sundays at 7 p.m.

What isn't confirmed is that the network plans to air Norman Lear's classic "All In the Family" after "Sunday Dinner."

There is reason to believe it could well happen. The 20th anniversary show of "Family" did very well for CBS, and the show has been out of syndication for several years.

Not to mention the fact that it wouldn't cost the network much.

HOUSE AS STAR: If you watched "Shadow of a Doubt" this past Sunday, did you happen to notice the mansion where the murder took place at the beginning of the movie?

It was the same estate that "Dynasty" used as the Carrington digs for all those years.

Not only that, but the mansion is used extensively on ABC's upcoming miniseries "An Inconvenient Woman." (Which airs later this month.)

All of which means the house's career is going considerably better than those many of the former cast members of "Dynasty."