May Day also will be Utah's so-called "Tax Freedom Day," when average taxpayers theoretically have paid their federal, state and local taxes for the year if they had handed over all their income since Jan. 1.

The Washington-based Tax Foundation fixes the national Tax Freedom Day on May 8, a week later than Utah.New Yorkers have things the hardest, according to the foundation. They won't celebrate Tax Freedom Day until May 26.

Mississippi taxpayers reached the mythical date on April 24, the earliest in the nation.

Paul Merski, director of fiscal affairs for the foundation, said Utah this year improved upon its 1990 Tax Freedom Day, which was May 2.

"Whereas in many other states there are record tax increases, in your state, the growth in income has actually outpaced growth in taxes," Merski said.

He said Tax Freedom Day for Utahns would probably be even earlier if it weren't for federal tax increases.

The nationwide Tax Freedom Day last year was May 5. This year's May 8 date is the latest nationwide Tax Freedom Day ever.

The foundation attributes the later date to $32 billion in federal tax increases this year, increases in state and local taxes and a slowdown in economic growth and individuals' income growth.

The foundation is a private, non-profit research and education organization.