The American Fork State Training School and the State Division of Services to the Handicapped will undergo name changes July 1. The school will become the Utah State Developmental Center and the division will become the Division of Services for People with Disabilities.

The new names are a result of HB313, passed by lawmakers last session. The bill also clarifies the legislative intent to provide home-based services for families and to downsize the Training School, moving children into a more home-like environment in the community.The bill also establishes an interdepartmental coordinating council made up of agencies to include the Human Services, Health and Rehabilitation departments and the Schools for the Deaf and Blind.

"Terms like training school and handicapped are obsolete and are left over from the '50s and '60s," said division director Ric Zaharia. "We want to give dignity to the fact that clients are people first and disabled second."

Utah follows in the footsteps of Michigan, which has already moved to a more modern terminology, Zaharia said.