KSL radio laid off four on-air personnel Friday as part of a major "reorganization in news and programming," according to Rod Arquette, KSL news director.

Bob Schildmeyer, Charla Haley, Andy McQuinn and Greg Wrubell have all lost their jobs. Their positions as reporter-editor-anchor have been eliminated. As part of the reorganization, the station has created three new positions - two news editors and one overnight control operator-news writer.Arquette said the four former employees have been encouraged to reapply for one of the three new positions. He said he believes that at least three have done so.

"This change will make us more efficient and consistent," Arquette said, noting that KSL is the only station he's aware of with reporter-anchors who write and edit their own broadcast material.

"This change streamlines us a little bit. . . . This more clearly defines news staff positions and roles. . . . It's exactly what all the other new stations do," he said.

Arquette explained that in recent years KSL has changed format and made several other major changes, but the news staff organization had not been updated until now.

Despite this on-air reduction, Arquette said that KSL still has at least four more full-time news people than any other station in Salt Lake City and that AM-1160 still has the manpower available to put four to five reporters on the street if warranted.

He also said that the current reporters-anchors will have more time to cover news since the news editors will put together the newscast. He indicated that after the new positions are filled, KSL might have lost only one worker.

Application for the three new positions must be made by Friday. Arquette said he expects the jobs to be filled by early next week.