A nine-member panel soon may be commissioned to find ways to save money in Salt Lake County government.

County Commissioner Randy Horiuchi said Monday the panel also will look for ways to make government more accessible to the public."Just ask the lady who I found crying in the elevator the other day because she almost lost her job due to an error that was made on a business license, or the guy who may lose a couple of subdivision lots because tax notification slips appear confusing," he said. "They'll tell you we need improvement."

Horiuchi said the panel will examine:

- The use of county cars by employees.

- The amount of travel by county employees at taxpayer expense.

- The way the County Commission operates.

- The procedure county property owners go through to challenge their tax assessments.

- Whether some county divisions need to exist.

At a press conference Monday, Horiuchi called the panel a "Little Hoover commission." But Commission Chairman Jim Bradley said that name implies the panel will uncover a great deal of corruption.

"That's not true," he said. "We're simply looking for more efficient ways to do things."