For the past 30 to 35 years, Provo City Police have maintained a firing range at the end of 300 South, but the range is going to move.

Because residential development has caught up with the firing range, Provo Police have terminated their lease with the city and have made plans to move their firing range to the mouth of Provo Canyon next to the Provo Gun Club.Provo Police Chief Swen Nielsen told Provo residents at a City Council meeting that the Provo Police "have deactivated the range, moved the tires that were there and taken down the target stands."

Provo Mayor Joe Jenkins said that the land is being used as a storage facility for empty sandbags and the city's nativity scene.

"We haven't decided what to do with the property. Hopefully we will keep using it as storage - if we can keep the vandals out of there," Jenkins said.