Age: 37

Where born: Danville, Calif.

Family: Wife, Lorelle; five children: Christian, Kelley, Troy, Ryan and Hayley.

Education: B.A. in communications from Brigham Young University, 1977.

Primary products: Commercial sales of business telephone systems, automated attendant/voice mail systems and cellular phones

Primary market: State of Utah

Number of employees: 3

Annual Sales: $650,000


First "real" job: Ranch work hauling hay, moving sprinkler pipe, fixing fence on my father's ranch in northern California.

Management style: Delegation of responsibilities with assurance of follow-up from employees. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

Strategy for success: Meet the customers' needs and objectives to ensure their satisfaction.

A memorable failure: Leaving the telecommunications industry to briefly work for a software company.

Heroes: Anyone who is trying to make life a pleasant experience for other people.

Leisure time and hobbies: Scouting takes up most of my leisure time, but racquetball and golf are fun.

Favorite book and movie: Book, "All Creatures Great and Small"; movie, "The Sound of Music."