Utah Highway Patrol troopers made 40 drug-related arrests in one month in Juab County.

Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Paul Mangelson said in just four of the stops, drugs valued at more than $700,000 were confiscated. UHP troopers think each time theystop a drug shipment from reaching the market they have succeeded, to some extent, in the war on drugs, said Mangelson. Some of the arrests:- April 16, Mangelson stopped a motor home driven by John Pray, 24, Des Moines, Iowa, and discovered 167 pounds of marijuana. He said the drug had a street value of $334,000. Pray, and a passenger in the motor home, Michael Prewitt, 22, Des Moines, Iowa, were booked into the Juab County Jail. Each of the men posted $25,000 bail, said Mangelson. The motor home and $1,300 in cash was confiscated.

- April 16, Lee Eric Ellison, 18, Hurricane, was arrested by trooper Lance Bushnell and his 1988 Camaro was seized, along with four ounces of psychodelic mushrooms valued at $10,000. Bail was set at $5,000.

- April 9, Gary Phillip Watson Sr., 49, and Gary Phillip Watson Jr., 20, both of Phoenix, Ariz., were arrested when troopers Charles Wilson and Lance Bushnell found 134 pounds of marijuana, valued at $268,000. Mangelson said the car was also seized.

- March 25, Estuardo Toledo, 23, Baldwin Park, Calif., and Rigaberto Corrales, 19, Fresno, Calif., were arrested by trooper Derek Odney after he found 48 pounds of marijuana, valued at $96,000.