Juab School Board members will once again review the policy forbidding students in the district to wear shorts or hats to school.

Members agreed to revisit the issue during a recent board meeting after Donna Blackett, representing a group of high school students, presented the board with a petition requesting the change in dress code. Blackett told the board the petition was signed by 80 percent of the student body at Juab High School.A document supporting the change in the dress code was signed by all but four high school faculty members.

Blackett had also polled Utah school districts and found, she said, all but four of the districts in the state allowed students to wear shorts to school.

The district allowed students to wear shorts to school a few years ago on a trial basis, but board members at that time were unsatisfied with the results. Students started pushing the code and wearing shorts that were shabby and too short and too tight.

Principals have asked board members to consider the enforcement aspects of any ruling they make. Board president Leon Pexton said the board will make a decision by July.