Residents should make it through the summer without city-imposed water restrictions.

In a report by Merril Bingham, who oversees city water services, a crowd attending a City Council meeting at Provost Elementary was told that "March and April have really been a `bacon-saver' " for the city's water supply."We are 83 percent of normal," Bingham said. Bingham averaged the water year as of Tuesday morning at 21.3 inches compared to a normal 25 year average of 26 inches. "We are still behind normal, but are much better than last year," Bingham said.

By developing conservation projects with local industries, Brigham Young University and several of the large apartment complexes in Provo, Bingham said the city should "get along pretty good this year. We should get away without imposing restrictions on the public."

However, the public still needs to be aware of their water consumption. "We just appreciate a public that is mindful of water use," Bingham said. Provo City will be organizing a Natural Resource Conservation committee to look into water use and solid-waste disposal programs.