Fredrick Daniel White, also know by friends and family as "Dan" and "Dirty Dan", died April 26, 1991 in Salt Lake City, Utah at the age of 43, of a massive brain hemorrhage.

Born January 28, 1947 to Fredrick K. White and Evelyn Mikesell White. Preceded in death by his parents, older brother, Jeff and oldest son, Jeff. "Dan" served his country one tour with the 1st Cab. Division, Korea and Vietnam, two tours with MACV, SOG as a LRRP, U.S. Army. Vietnam combat NCOV, (CIA) and P.O.W., one tour with the U.S. Coast Guard at Kodiak, Alaska and Galveston, Texas. A true centurion, who served his country for duty, honor and country with honor and valor. Given the earned title "Samurai", swords and family crest in Japan. Honored adoptive son of Japanese Village. Also has adoptive Mong and Korean families. Nick named by the Apache tribe "Tekalotae".Survived by wife, Liana and children. His son Robert, a graduate of West Point, now serves his country honoring tradition passed on by his father, duty, honor and country, Airbourne and green beret. A.B.A.T.E. member. All miss him grieveously. Family, friends and country are poorer due to his loss.

For information concerning memorial service and honor guard, contact: Rodney, Vietnam Vet Center Chaplain, through the Vietnam Vet Center, Salt Lake City, Utah. We have all suffered a horrible loss.

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