Questar Telecom's claim that it is not subject to Utah Public Service Commission regulation has been rejected by the commission.

Unless Questar appeals the decision to the Utah Supreme Court, the telecommunications company will have to supply information requested by the Utah Division of Public Utilities.The division won a show-cause ruling after it submitted claims that because Questar Telecommunications owns its own lines, its system is subject to the same regulation as traditional telephone companies.

Questar claims it is not a traditional telephone company because it uses a microwave system rather than land lines and is governed by Federal Communications Commission regulations governing radio transmissions.

Questar is currently providing in-state telephone and telecommunications services for several Utah companies, including Intermountain Health Care and Safeway, through private contracts.

The division contends Questar's activities make it a public utility and subject to state regulation.

Earlier this year the Public Service Commission ordered Questar to file the information requested by the division for purposes of review. The company challenged the order.

A recent commission order redirected Questar to file the information requested by the division. The commission order said the protest filed by Questar is tantamount to giving itself permission to determine what agency has regulatory powers over the company's operations. The commission order said the information requested in the earlier order is needed for the commission to make a factual decision concerning whether the company should be subject to state regulation.