Utah Common Cause, a citizen lobby, honored six legislators Monday who were instrumental in getting campaign disclosure, lobbying reporting and other "open government" bills through the 1991 Legislature.

House Majority Whip Byron Har-ward, R-Provo, was cited for sponsoring a new campaign financial disclosure law. Previously, legislative candidates only had to report their campaign finances 30 days after their election. Because of Harward's bill, they now have to report before a convention or primary campaign - if they have an intraparty challenge - or before the general election.Reps. Kevin Garn, R-Layton; Kim Burningham, R-Bountiful; and Glen Brown, R-Coalville; were honored for co-sponsoring a lobbyist disclosure bill. That law requires registered lobbyists to report, in total, the gross amount they spend on lawmakers and list each individual expense over $100. Previously, lobbyists working the Legislature made no financial reporting at all on how much they spent wooing lawmakers.

Sen. Lyle Hillyard, R-Logan, was cited for leading the above measures through the Senate, where there was considerable apprehension by some older members.

And Rep. Martin Stephens, R-Farr West, was honored for his extensive work on getting a government rec-ords access law through the Legislature.