Construction on a 28-mile section of the Burr Trail from Boulder to Capital Reef National Park has been completed by Garfield County, according to Brian Bremner, county engineer.

The final inspection of the Horse Canyon Bridge was also completed.Work on the Burr Trail will be discontinued through the warmer months because of the lack of water needed in construction. "The entire 66-mile Burr Trail Road is in as good shape as it has ever been," Bremner said.

Grading, raising the crown and improving the ditches along the right-of-way are proceeding under a five-year maintenance program on 11 miles east of the national park. That section was constructed in the late 1960s.

Bremner also said the county will move ahead in construction areas that are felt to be "legally" secure.

Garfield County is awaiting a ruling on an appeal that was filed with the Interior Board of Lands. Local officials said it addresses "ambiguity" of a board ruling in February.

Environmental groups involved in a lawsuit against the county convinced a federal judge that they should be allowed to intervene in the county's appeal.