Pillsbury's new "Lovin' Lites" fudge brownie mix brings you a nice hit of chocolate that's 93 percent fat-free with 33 percent fewer calories than regular brownies. You'll get no cholesterol and just 2 grams of fat per serving. The 19.85-ounce box can be purchased for $1.89.

Kay Hadley: "We happened to be having a chocolate attack one day, so I proceeded to make some Lovin' Lites brownies. They were delicious while they were warm. However, the few that lasted long enough to cool turned into chocolate concrete and became inedible. Perhaps I made a baking error; if not, beware!"Don Russell: "As one might expect, these brownies were dry and had a rigid texture. On the other hand, the taste was decent considering the low-fat nature of Lovin' Lites. Plus, a ribbon of frosting would quickly make these brownies more appealing to most people. These brownies are a viable alternative for those who are restricted to very low-fat diets."

Doris Wilding: "All right! Chocolate for fat people! I was amazed that they tasted as good as they did. I would recommend it for people who are watching fat, but even for my kids, the 93 percent fat-free is important. These brownies didn't last very long at our house."

Judy Slack: "These brownies were good. The kids made them and ate them. I think that anything that saves some calories is great."

Edyth Jensen: "Lovin' Lites are a good, chewy brownie. They are low in cholesterol and fats. They also are not an overly sweet dessert. We will probably use them again in the future."

Linda C. Tingey: "These were yummy. Give them four stars! Not only are they good for you, but you can't taste the lack of anything."

Conclusion: Lovin' Lites will chime your bells without zinging your ticker. (But don't overbake them or at least eat 'em while they're hot if you value your choppers.)

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