Delegates to the annual state convention of the Utah State AFL-CIO voted unanimously Friday to rigorously oppose the tax initiatives, citing the adverse effect mandatory tax reductions would have on the creation of jobs.

More than 400 representatives from more than 180 local affiliates called for a review of the state's tax structure, according to Utah State AFL-CIO President Ed Mayne."We will not accept from elected officials promises of the review of the tax structure. We demand action," Mayne said, suggesting that a reduction in the sales tax be examined.

He said union members recognize the need for changes in the state's tax structure but generally do not favor the "meat-ax approach" of the tax initiatives.

The three initiatives would limit property tax rates and government growth, roll back tax increases passed by the 1987 Legislature and give parents of children in private schools a tax credit.

Mayne said a recent survey of 620 of the 68,500 AFL-CIO members in Utah showed that 65 percent opposed the tax initiatives while the remaining 35 percent favored the measures.

Mayne said members are concerned the initatives would curb economic development, preventing new jobs from coming to the state.