After more than three months on the sidelines, Bo knows impatience.

A sports medicine specialist on Monday said Jackson's injured hip appeared on the mend but recommended the two-sport star remain on crutches. An exultant Jackson, however, was ready to skip a few steps in the recovery process."I'm waiting for the OK to start running again," he said.

Dr. Jim Andrews, an orthopedic surgeon at the Alabama Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center, examined Jackson for about four hours Monday in his first in-depth examination in six weeks.

"The bone appears to be undergoing a healing process," Andrews said. "This was the real positive aspect of the examination today. You can see reformation of bone injured when he was tackled."

Andrews said Jackson's recovery rate was quicker than his doctors expected.

Jackson, 28, was released by the Kansas City Royals in March after the team's doctor determined that Jackson's football-related hip injury would not allow him to play baseball this year. He signed a contract with the Chicago White Sox earlier this month.

"I passed my exam with flying colors," Jackson said at a news conference. "I'll be back on the playing field soon."

But Andrews said Jackson should continue using crutches "for a safety factor" as the physical-therapy program accelerates.

"Bo's hip continues to be normal," Andrews said. "Basically, we have seen normal range of motion." He said there was no evidence of any "popping" that would indicate loose bone fragments in the hip joint.

Jackson will be examined again in about four weeks.

White Sox trainer Herm Schneider, also in Birmingham for the examination, said he was "ecstatic" about the results. Schneider said he would report back to general manager Ron Schueler and team chairman Jerry Reinsdorf that Jackson "had a great physical. He's doing a lot better than we expected."