E-Systems Montek Division in Salt Lake City has received an $18 million contract from Boeing Commercial Airplane Group to provide the optional folding wingtip system for Boeing's new 777 jetliner.

E-Systems, based in Dallas, is teamed with Frisby Airborne Hydraulics, Freeport, N.Y., which will perform a $6.7 million subcontract for E-Systems Montek Division.The optional folding wingtip system will reduce the aircraft's overall wingspan of nearly 198 feet to about 155 feet, which will allow the aircraft to be compatible with existing gate and taxiway space in crowded terminals.

E-Systems was awarded an additional $7 million to provide the 777 stabilizer trim control module and stabilizer trim secondary hydraulic brake, both of which help control the airplane's attitude and are located in the area of the horizontal stabilizer.