The board of trustees of the Economic Development Corp. of Utah wants the causeway between Syracuse and Antelope Island in Great Salt Lake rebuilt.

In a unanimous vote, the board responded to a request by new trustee Gary Smith, president of the Bountiful Area Chamber of Commerce, who said the causeway would be a benefit to tourism and economic development.The causeway was damaged in 1983 when the lake reached record levels and has been closed for several years. Installation of the pumps at the west end of the lake ensures the lake level can be controlled and proponents of island development are pushing for repairs on the road.

Smith said the Legislature appropriated $2.75 million to get the road work started, which is expected to cost about $12 million. A brochure Smith distributed to trustees said rebuilding the road will allow the state to reopen and renovate facilities in place on the island before the lake level increased.

The brochure said in the last four years the island was open for sightseeing, picnicking and swimming, an average of 475,000 visited the island annually. The state purchased the entire island several years ago.