Gov. Stan Stephens signed a pay raise to end a five-day strike by thousands of state workers late Monday.

"I'm not going to be holding people out for another day," Tom Schneider of the Montana Public Employees Association said after the Legislature approved the raise late Monday.The union represents 4,000 state workers, including Highway Patrol officers.

More than 5,000 employees in all have been on strike since Thursday, demanding higher pay. Hundreds of National Guardsmen filled in for strikers, who also included prison guards, clerical workers and institutional attendants.

No serious disruptions were reported.

The governor signed the compromise bill into law late Monday, giving employees a $34 million raise over two years. Lawmakers had rushed the plan through the Legislature on the final day of Montana's biennial session.

"It's time to end this strike and end this session," said House Minority Leader John Mercer, a Republican. "It's time for the anger and frustration in Montana to end."

The contract provides a minimum $1.05-an-hour raise.