A measles outbreak is pocking Davis County, and state health officials worry the disease could spread throughout the state.

Twenty-six cases have been reported in Davis County, bumping the state's total to 35. That number accelerates almost hourly, according to Rick Crankshaw, immunization program director for the state Department of Health. And Crankshaw warned the disease could easily spread.One case of measles has been reported in Salt Lake County, as a result of exposure in Davis County. Two cases have been reported in Utah County at a drop-in day care center.

Health experts say measles is highly contagious, second only to the common cold. And it can be serious. Fifty people died from measles last year in California.

The disease causes red spots about two weeks after exposure, but a victim is contagious before the rash appears. Measles begins with cold-like symptoms, such as a cough, running nose and fever.