Construction on Little Dell reservoir should resume shortly with no change in contractors.

Col. Tim Mason, deputy commander of the Army Corps of Engineers' Sacramento Office, said the contractor has completed the necessary financing to return equipment to the construction site and has committed itself to completing the proj-ect in 1992.Mason also told the Metropolitan Water District's board of directors that the contractors Clement Brothers Co. and J.E. Starnes Co., both of North Carolina, have indicated they still intend to file claims with the corps seeking additional payment above the $56.8 million contract because of conditions not represented accurately in the bid specifications for the project.

Mason said the corps maintains that the bid specifications accurately portrayed the conditions at the site and the scope of the project and that the corps will likely contest any claims. He said, though, those claims will likely be addressed once the proj-ect is complete.

The project was to have been completed this fall. In January, the corps received a letter from the contractors indicating they would need an additional construction season to complete the project because of unexpected conditions encountered at the site. The contractors also indicated their intention to file claims for additional compensation. Construction equipment was removed from the site and it appeared the company was ready to default on the project.

Mason said corps officials have talked directly with the contractors and it appears construction work will resume as soon as weather conditions permit. Equipment was moved back onto the site in March and work would likely have resumed in April had weather conditions permitted.

The Metropolitan Water District has agreed to pay $14.3 million towards the project to go with $7.6 million from the Salt Lake County Water Conservancy District. The remainder of the funding is coming through a loan from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.