Assuming the obvious solution - obeying the speed limit - doesn't appeal to you, there are still tricks to avoiding a speeding ticket according to retired New York State Police Trooper James Eagan:

- Make sure the officer knows that you represent no danger. After you've pulled over, sit in the car with your hands on the steering wheel. Don't fumble through your glove compartment for your registration until the cop asks and don't get out of the car.- Don't put up a fight. Make the officer see you as a human being instead of a speeding statistic, and there's a chance you may be spared a ticket. Be respectful, but don't say "sir" too many times.

- Remove your Grateful Dead bumper sticker and any empty beer cans cluttering up your car. Avoid political stickers; the officer might be of a different persuasion. Stickers advertising that you're a nurse, emergency worker or volunteer firefighter are helpful.

- Don't say "see you in court."

- For women, a flood of tears often works. So does trembling. "The cop views himself as a 20th-century knight in shining armor," Eagan writes.

- The best time to travel is the middle of the month. Procrastinating cops haven't gotten around to meeting their monthly ticket quotas, and aggressive cops have already gotten what they need, he said.

- Try also to time your highway driving around the shift change at the local state police barracks. An officer just about to get done with work will be less inclined to stop you.