Although skiers haven't been carving the powder at Alta since April 21, the snow keeps piling up.

Utah Department of Transportation crews measured a record 136.25 inches of snow during April at the Alta guard station, which is located in Little Cottonwood Canyon. One day was still left in the month, but no snow was expected Tuesday.The average April snowfall over 45 years of rec-ordkeeping at that location - the 8,700-foot elevation - is 64.6 inches, said William J. Alder, meteorologist in charge of the Salt Lake office of the National Weather Service.

Twelve inches of the April total fell Monday. The latest snowfall contained 0.89 of an inch of water. Figures like that continue to bolster hopes for adequate water supplies for the coming summer, but further snow measurements won't be taken again until the 1991-92 ski season.

The 136.25 inches of snow in April surpasses 136 inches in April 1963 and April 1974, Alder said.

The six-month snowfall figure is well above average, but far short of a record.

A total of 580.15 inches of snow was measured by UDOT crews between November 1990 and April 29, 1991. That amount is nearly 100 inches more than the average amount - 487.7 inches - for the November through April period during the past 45 years.

The record, however, is 743.5 inches, measured between November 1983 and April 1984. The least winter snowfall was 314.5 inches between November 1976 and April 1977, Alder said.

Another storm system is expected to move into the Wasatch Front late Wednesday afternoon, with the majority of the rain or snow expected Thursday and Friday. But the storm system shouldn't be as cold as storms that roared through the area late last week. Snow will be mostly confined to the mountains.

Temperatures were expected to climb to about 60 degrees Tuesday. Lows Tuesday night will be in the 30s, with the high Wednesday in the mid-60s. But the mercury will drop to the low 50s Thursday.

Showers will linger Saturday but temperatures will be in the mid- to upper 50s. It should be dry and warmer with temperatures returning to the 60s Sunday, Alder said.