Townspeople collected clothes and opened their hearts to victims of a tornado that killed 14 people. Survivors sang, "We'll understand it better by and by" at a memorial service.

"Friends, we're not defeated, the Rev. Steve Weldon told worshipers. "We are not without hope. We have not lost the battle."The Andover Methodist Church was crammed with clothing donated to the 1,500 residents who were left homeless by the twister that flattened a trailer park and destroyed 88 houses, a mobile home park and 11 businesses on Friday night.

In a big meeting room, workers sorted 3,000 pounds of clothing donated by people, churches and businesses. Andover Primary School's gymnasium was filled with rows of donated food.

"I bet some stores aren't stocked this well," Red Cross volunteer Marvin Keeler said.

Fourteen residents of the town's 40-acre Golden Spur Mobile Home Park were killed when a tornado destroyed 226 trailers and heavily damaged 15.

Three Wichita residents were killed during Friday night storms, and three other fatalities were reported in outlying Kansas counties. Three people were killed just over the state line in Oklahoma, for a total of 23 dead.

Andover's lone siren did not sound to warn residents of the tornado.

But Mayor Jack Finlason said that it didn't matter because patrol cars and fire engines were sent into the streets with lights flashing and sirens wailing, as they have for the past 40 years. He said residents had 20 to 30 minutes' warning.

During the memorial, worshipers sang the hymn "We'll Understand It Better By and By." Another hymn told of God being a "shelter from the stormy blast."

Fewer than 100 people attended, probably because victims wanted to use the remaining daylight to look for belongings in the rubble, organizers said.

In Washington Sunday, President Bush urged Americans to pray for the victims. He promised to "do whatever we can to help."

The newly homeless continued to find lost treasures under the mobile home frames, which were twisted like giant steel pretzels.

"We just found our cat. She's alive," said Renee Berggren. "She had been bulldozed under."

National Guardsmen patrolled, and a curfew remained in effect to prevent looting. No looting was reported in Andover.