Sheriff's detectives no longer believe Robert E. Lindsay, the Salt Lake County gas station clerk who mysteriously disappeared last week, was kidnapped.

Saturday evening, detectives located Lindsay's vehicle at Thrifty Car Rental, 2400 W. North Temple. Detectives say Lindsay left his Toyota Corolla car there and rented a 1991 Dodge Spirit, said Salt Lake County Sheriff's Capt. Bill Van Wagenen.Employees at the rental agency have identified Lindsay, 28, as the man who rented the vehicle. It was rented in his name and the signature used matches his.

"We're pretty well convinced at this point he was acting alone or is at least a willing participant," Van Wagenen said. "He entered by himself and there was no evidence that he was held captive."

Lindsay was discovered missing from Phillips 66, 4216 S. Redwood, early Thursday. A manager arrived at the store about 6 a.m. and found the 24-hour store locked. A note on the door said the store would be closed until 6 a.m.

About $4,000 was taken from the store's safe and cash registers. The last receipt in the cash register was made about 2 a.m. Lindsay had spoken with his wife about midnight and she told them "everything appeared to be fine" at that time, a sheriff's report stated.

Family and friends described Lindsay as a stable father of three, having an impeccable reputation and character. He has been married about seven years. He worked from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. several days a week at the store and then worked full time from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at American Express.

Detectives investigated the case as a kidnapping, although they did not rule out the possibility that he may have taken the money and run.

Sheriff's officials were scheduled to meet with county prosecutors late Monday to discuss the case.