Part of an 86-car Union Pacific freight train derailed early Sunday at the Adelaide crossing, closing the track between Salt Lake City and Hinkle, Ore., for more than 16 hours.

Union Pacific spokesman Alex Tice in Omaha, Neb., said a faulty coupling apparently was responsible for the derailment, which occurred about 4:30 a.m.The three-man crew was not injured and there were no reports of collateral damage. No damage estimate for the train was available, Tice said.

Deputy Dan Soto said the Minidoka County sheriff's office was not notified of the wreck until after news inquiries. He said there had been no calls from residents.

Adelaide is at a tiny rail crossing about five miles west of Minidoka in south-central Idaho. Tice said the train was en route from Salt Lake City to Hinkle, which is near Hermiston, Ore.

Cleanup crews were dispatched to the scene and the track was reopened at 8:44 p.m. Tice said six of the 13 cars were empty. The others were open hoppers containing an undetermined quantity of coal and zinc.

"It's my understanding that most of their contents spilled out," he said.