The eight navies clearing mines from the Persian Gulf have swept and destroyed 725 of the devices over the past two months, a U.S. Navy spokesman said.

These include mines washed ashore, moored to the sea bottom or floating on the surface, the spokesman said Sunday."As of Saturday, the (multinational naval) forces have cleared 725 mines, including 97 in the past two weeks," Lt. Ed Barker told UPI.

The eight navies engaged in mine clearing are to be joined in about a month by four Japanese minesweepers, a Japanese spokesman in Abu Dhabi said, and with them comes the issue of integrating with the forces already stationed in the region.

The French, Dutch, British, Italian, German and Belgian forces currently coordinate mine clearing efforts with the U.S. and Saudi forces, said a British senior naval officer.

The Japanese minesweepers will be provided with navigational information necessary for operating in the eight mine danger areas designated by the coalition, he said.