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The National Enquirer, supermarket tabloid and self-described scandal sheet, claims it has been more ethical in its reporting on the alleged Kennedy estate rape than the mainstream news media - especially The New York Times!And as the Enquirer might write in its own heavy-breathing style, some stunned experts agree!

The Washington Post cited the tabloid in a story on the decision by the Times and other news organizations to identify the alleged victim. The Post said "it was clear the journalistic world had been turned upside down" when Enquirer editor Dan Schwartz could claim his paper took "a more ethical stand" than the Times in deciding not to name the 29-year-old woman.

The Times said it identified the woman in an April 17 profile because NBC's disclosure of the woman's name in a broadcast the night before made it pointless to continue withholding her name for reasons of privacy.

In its profile, the Times included the woman's history of traffic offenses, noted she was an unwed mother and quoted an unidentified high school friend as saying she had a "little wild streak."

On Friday, the Times published an editor's note citing complaints from its staff that the article impugned the woman's claim to have been raped by William Kennedy Smith, a nephew of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. It said "no such challenge was intended" and that the article "should have explicitly asserted that nothing in the woman's background could resolve the disputed testimony."

The Times said it has been preparing a profile of Smith, who hasn't been charged and has denied any wrongdoing.

At the Enquirer - the tabloid given to stories of UFO encounters, celebrity dirt and Elvis sightings - Schwartz said his paper has presented both sides of the story while protecting the woman's identity, as is traditional in rape cases.

Enquirer president Iain Calder said the woman's name was withheld even though revealing it would probably sell more copies of the "inquiring-minds-want-to-know" paper.