Leslie Buttars has a dream, and it's not to go to Europe or the moon or climb Mount Everest.

Buttars wants to build a Disney house, one you walk into and in the entranceway there is a huge marble Mickey Mouse on the floor made of a rainbow of colored-tile.And it is only fitting that she is this year's president of one of the state's largest Disney-lovers club, The Castle Club.

The Castle Club was organized three years ago when Disney enthusiast Scott Carrasco put an ad in the paper inviting anyone who was interested in Disney to meet with him.

"There were about a dozen people at that first meeting," Buttars said. Now there are more than 30 members and the club is still growing.

"I'm in the club to preserve my sanity being so far away from Disneyland," said Buttars, whose home is filled with Disney memorabilia. "It's a passion for me," she said.

The club also gave her the opportunity to be with others who have the same interest, love and enthusiasm for Disney.

Buttars' goal to create a decidedly Disney home is being prodded forward by the Sanders, a couple from Ogden who share Buttars' enthusiasm and who are members of Utah Valley's Castle Club.

"It's worth it to come down here to Utah Valley because the club is so active," Vickie Sanders said. There just weren't enough people in the northern part of the state who were interested.

Sanders said her house is definitely Disney, down to the sinks, water faucets, dishes, pots, pans, carpet and wallpaper.

Buttars smiled and said her house will be better. She even wants to put Mickey Mouse ears on a water tank behind her house.

According to Buttars, there is not another club in the state that is as active as the Castle Club.

"A year after we were organized, we had our first convention," she said. And since then, the club has met on the third Saturday of each month to hear speakers, trade with each other or just to have a good time.

One time, the group met and everyone brought their favorite Disney video cued to their favorite scene. They spent the evening watching them and telling why it was their favorite.

The club also supports the Disney Make-A-Wish foundation which gives wishes to terminally ill children. Buttars said the group has a goal to become a major contributor to that organization.

Buttars said anyone can join the club, whether they collect Disney items or they just like Disney.

Registration for the club is $10 a year. For information call 377-3691 during the day or 224-5810 in the evenings.