A Hurricane tavern is the first to be penalized by the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control for overtly displaying beer signs.\ Legislation passed in 1990 requires that beer advertising or logo signs be seen only within beer establishments and must not be visible from the street.Bull Cinch II Lounge was warned last year about beer ads that included the display of lighted neon signs through the windows.\ The owner responded by turning the signs around, but, "you could still read them backwards" from the outside, liquor officials said.

At the same time, the owner told officials he had referred the matter to his attorney for advice.

For months nothing changed, so state liquor agents issued a citation on the signs late in February.

Earl Dorius, the department's compliance director, told board members Friday that the owner, Jerry Fields of Virgin, was fined in a local court for the violation and has since conceded the error and corrected the situation. Following negotiations, Bull Cinch II agreed to a five-day suspension of its state beer license from April 28 through May 3.