Robin Givens has plenty of television acting experience, but she came down with a bad case of nerves when it came to filming her movie debut, "A Rage in Harlem" with Forest Whitaker, Danny Glover, Gregory Hines and director Bill Duke. "I was scared to death the first day I worked in the picture," the former Mrs. Mike Tyson says. "I took one look at Forest and a little voice said, `Come on, Givens, you're going to act with Forest Whitaker!' And everything left me. My confidence was gone. My mouth was dry and I was shaking." Givens overcame her fears, and the movie turned out to be quite educational. "During the picture I learned what acting process works for Robin Givens," she said. "I couldn't pattern myself after anyone else. It was a revelation. I learned how to become a character and forget Robin completely."