For the first time since he shattered his arm in a polo match 10 months ago, Prince Charles climbed back in the saddle for a pre-season polo warm-up Sunday.

Only hours after returning from an official visit to Brazil, the heir to the British throne played with friends at Aston Down in western England.Polo manager Major Ronald Ferguson, whose daughter Sarah is married to Charles' younger brother Andrew, watched from the sideline along with dozens of camera crews and reporters.

Charles, 43, broke his arm in two places in a fall last June and had to undergo months of physical therapy, leading to speculation that his polo-playing days were over.

Afterward, Charles said he was "very happy" with his performance. His first official polo game will be May 16.

"It was a very good start to the season," Ferguson said.

"As long as he remains fit and continues to enjoy the game, there is no reason why he will not be going on for some time," he said.