Among those answering Hollywood casting calls:

Lou Gossett Jr. has signed for title role in "Keeper of the City," an urban thriller based on the Geraldo DiPego novel . . . the new Merv Griffin game show "Ruckus" goes into rehearsal at Resorts International hotel in Atlantic City, aiming for a fall debut . . . Anthony Hopkins will join Emilio Estevez in "Howard's End" . . . Christine Lahti stars in "Leaving Normal," to be filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia.Francis Ford Coppola will direct and Winona Ryder will star in latest version of "Dracula," set to start filming in June. The male lead has not yet been chosen . . . Annette Bening is negotiating to star as the Catwoman in Warner Bros.' upcoming "Batman" sequel . . . Cliff Robertson is joining Matthew Modine in Australia to work on "Winds," a sailing movie . . . Stevie Wonder is winding up work on soundtrack of newest Spike Lee movie, "Jungle Fever."

Matthew Modine and Jennifer Grey have signed to star in "Wind," a sailing adventure flick . . . Brooke Adams and James Brolin have wrapped up work on "Gas, Food, Lodging," a roadside drama shot in New Mexico . . . Mark Harmon and Tippi Hedron are headed for the wine country of California's Sonoma County to do a remake of the old Alfred Hitchcock thriller "Shadow of a Doubt," due to air later this year on CBS-TV . . . James Belushi and Kelly Lynch have begun work on "Curly Sue," shooting in Chicago . . . Michael J. Fox has signed to make "Doc Hollywood," to be shot in L.A. and Gainesville, Fla.

Michelle Pfeiffer is keeping busy. She's signed to make "Love Field" with Dennis Haysbert and has started work with Al Pacino on "Frankie and Johnny" . . . Walter Matthau and Ellen Burstyn have signed to star in the CBS-TV movie "Running Out," directed by Matthau's son Charles . . . Robert Burke has replaced Peter Weller in the title role as filming starts in Atlanta on "RoboCop 3."