Utah's economy won't survive if Gov. Norm Bangerter is elected for another four years, Salt Lake Mayor Palmer DePaulis told those attending the state AFL-CIO convention Thursday.

DePaulis, endorsing gubernatorial candidate Ted Wilson, said Utah's economy is sagging because of state leadership's inability to pull people together to work toward strengthening the economy."I have been in the trenches with Ted," DePaulis said of the Democrat who preceded him in Salt Lake City Hall. "He can bring people together."

DePaulis attacked the Bangerter administration for an economy "that will not yield the kind of jobs that you want," saying, "we have to elect a governor of this state who will turn things around.

"I can tell you it's not going to get done if we have another four years of a Republican administration," DePaulis said.

The mayor gave the welcoming address at the AFL-CIO's 32nd annual convention in a downtown hotel, using most of his time to make a partisan appeal for Wilson.

"Now is the time to bring him into this arena because we can't afford another moment in the direction we're going," he said.