The driver of a car waiting at a red light Saturday said he looked up from his radio just in time to see a truck land upside down on his car.

The truck landed on top of two cars at the intersection of 900 East and 5600 South, according to Cpl. Mike Leary, Salt Lake County Sheriff's department. The incident attracted hundreds of onlookers. Leary said there were no serious injuries.The northbound truck turned left and collided with a southbound Ford Ranger. The truck rolled and landed on the hoods of two stopped eastbound cars.

Leary said passengers in the two cars were not hurt, "just a little surprised."

A driver of one of the cars, Karen Kolovich, Salt Lake City, said she saw the truck coming but there was nothing anyone could do. "I just kept saying don't hit my car, don't hit my car, but I knew it was going to because it was out of control." Kolovich's car was a 21/2-month-old Mazda Protoge. "I can't imagine a more freak accident," Kolovich commented.

Tow trucks responding to the scene jacked the pickup straight up and drove the two cars out from under it.