Like thousands of my fellow Americans, I am becoming a telecommuter.

I am sitting in my study as I write this column, trying to figure out how to use my new computer.More people are linking their homes and offices electronically. That sounds great, but it means creating an office atmosphere at home.

From the height of the desk to the angle of the eyes on the monitor and such, it's like trying to remember all the things you're supposed to do for a proper golf swing. Somewhere in that swing, I know I'm going to forget something and slice.

One of the most important considerations is proper lighting. I've worked out some arrangements to control and direct light and reduce glare on a home-computer screen, and you can too. Here are some tips.

- Control the amount of sunlight in your room. Sometimes it's important to shut out as much light as possible. Other times, it's important to have plenty of light.

- Position the monitor so that it faces away from the light. Light directly on the screen makes viewing difficult. I arranged the furniture so that the back of the monitor faces the bay window.

- Direct light to your keyboard and adjacent area and away from the monitor screen. I'll need light just to read all the manuals on how to use the computer, not to mention light to see this strange new keyboard.