Salvadoran officials and rebel leaders agreed Saturday on reforms in the government and military, but did not reach a cease-fire in the 11-year-old civil war, a U.N. mediator said.

The accord, reached after more than three weeks of talks in Mexico City, addresses changes in the nation's military, legislature and judiciary. A cease-fire and other issues were dropped from the agenda after the talks began.U.N. mediator Alvaro de Soto said the pact also calls for a U.N.-appointed commission to investigate human rights violations in El Salvador since 1980. No other details were available.

Rebel leader Schafik Handal said the agreements "bring us closer to unification," but he said fighting will continue until a truce is completed.

Another round of talks between the government and guerrillas is tentatively planned for May. They have been meeting since April 4.