Idaho State University Professor Robert Tokle wishes he had let students out of class on time. Or that he hadn't been standing by the window.

Tokle, an economics professor at ISU, was standing by the window Wednesday when he was struck by lightning. He escaped with minor injuries.Tokle, teaching a quantitative methods class, was struck Wednesday about two minutes after he should have let students out. Lightning struck two trees outside, bouncing into Tokle's classroom, striking him in the back.

A student saw a flash of light around Tokle's body. The teacher said he felt a tingling shock.

"Yeah, yeah, it was very weird, very freaky," he said. "But they checked me out and other than the burns and a headache, nothing's wrong, so I guess you have to laugh about it."

He was treated for minor burns at Pocatello Regional Medical Center.

"Yeah, just bizarre. If only I had let them out on time," he said.

Bob Glodo, spokesman for the National Weather Service, Pocatello, said being hit by lightning indoors is unusual but not unheard of.

"I wonder how the rest of his day went," Glodo said. "Did he buy any lottery tickets or anything?"

Glodo said people report being jolted while on the phone or in the bathroom.

"You're in there doing what you have to do, and it strikes a pipe and comes in through the plumbing," he said. "We tell people to stay indoors during lightning storms, but they should also stay away from the windows, too."