"The best decision, in all matters pertaining to children, is one that parents agree to, not one imposed by a judge," writes Miriam Galper Cohen.

If her advice seems too obvious, then obviously you are not a parent attempting joint custody. If you are such a parent, you know how difficult it can be to agree with your ex-spouse. If you are such a parent you will welcome "The Joint Custody Handbook."By focusing on the experiences of several families, Cohen offers a blueprint for child-raising in these decades of divorce.

Cohen doesn't make it sound easy. She uses the words "hurt" and "pain" frequently. However, she draws from her own experience (she and her ex-husband lived two blocks from each other and shared the job of raising their son) and the experience of her clients (Cohen's a counselor) to show that it can be done.

She includes a reading list and a resource list. - By Susan Lyman-Whitney (Deseret News)