If the disappearance of Robert E. Lindsay is determined to be a kidnapping, the case has some similarities to an abduction 11 years ago.

Lindsay was reported missing after a manager arrived at the Phillips 66 where Lindsay worked and found that Lindsay, his car and $4,000 were missing. E. Kent Bone was taken by four kidnappers on Oct. 21, 1980, as he arrived at the Phillips 66 station just six blocks south of the station where Lindsay is employed.

Authorities and Bone's family heard nothing for six days after the disappearance of Bone, a 41-year-old father of nine and a respected member of the community.

When sheriff's deputies began their investigation, they found Bone's vehicle still at the station. The car window was broken, the driver's door was open and there were obvious signs of a struggle. Bone's glasses, checkbook and one shoe lay near the car.

A trucker found Bone's wallet, checks made out to the station and empty bank bags at the Lake Point Rest Area the day after the abduction. The bags had contained $5,000 in cash and checks.

The kidnapping took place on a Tuesday. On Thursday the Salt Lake County Search and Rescue squad, family and friends searched the area around Lake Point near Tooele.

Bone's family said they experienced conflicting emotions - hoping to find something and yet fearing what they might find.

Friends, neighbors and fellow church members worked to gather $12,000 in reward money by Saturday. They also continued to search the Tooele area.

Law enforcement officers had no leads by Monday. Evidence was still being processed when Bone phoned home from San Diego that night - he was free and safe six days after being forced into the back of a van.

Bone told detectives he remained submissive through the ordeal because the kidnappers threatened to harm his 11-year-old daughter if he caused any trouble or tried to escape. He was led to believe they were holding her in a Mustang he saw near the van every time they let him out, which was only in remote areas.

When Bone was set free he said he felt no relief until he called his home and discovered his daughter was safe.

The kidnappers did not give Bone a reason why they were letting him go when they released him in California. Bone's friends arranged for a private flight home where family and friends met him at the airport.

His kidnappers were never found.