So, you've finished all your indoor projects. Now is the time for those outdoor projects. A simple one is an entry trellis for the garden.

The trellis is designed by the Western Wood Products Association of Portland, Ore. It is simple, just two side pieces that look like a ladder topped by a piece that also looks like a ladder. The trellis is 7 feet high, 4 feet wide and 3 feet deep. You can adjust the size and make it fancier; it can't be much plainer. But it makes a pleasant gateway to the garden and is ideal for climbing plants such as roses or clematis vines.Use Douglas fir or pine for the parts; cedar is better, and pressure-treated lumber is best, at least to make it last indefinitely. The pressure-treated lumber will not hurt any plants.

Start by cutting all pieces to length: four 2-by-4s each 9 feet for the sides; two 2-by-4s each 5 feet for the top; and eighteen 1-by-2s each 3 feet for the "rungs" of the ladders.

Build each side ladder by attaching a rung to two 2-by-4s spaced 21/2 feet apart. This will allow the rungs to overhang the uprights by 3 inches on both sides.

Start the first rung 3 feet from the bottom of the uprights, space succeeding ones 12 inches on center; the sixth will be 12 inches down from the top.

Drill starter holes for screws, and drive flathead screws 11/2 inches long. Use brass or galvanized screws.

Build the second ladder.

The top is built the same way: Two 2-by-4s with rungs spaced 12 inches on center, with the end rungs flush with the ends of the top 2-by-4s.

Nail the top ladder to the two uprights so that the top overhangs the uprights by 6 inches; this will make the uprights exactly 4 feet apart from outer edge to outer edge.

Set the trellis temporarily on the ground to locate holes for the posts, and dig four holes 2 feet deep. Set the trellis in the holes, square the trellis with a level (make sure it is plumb - vertical - along its front as well as sides, and level along the top) and brace with angled boards. Fill the holes with earth and tamp, add more earth; water it, if you like, so it will settle.

Remove the braces - and pray that it won't collapse.