Twila Van Leer and Angelyn N. Hutchinson asked the State Office of Education what they would have to do to receive Utah teaching certificates.

Roger Mouritsen, director of certification and personnel development, reviewed their credentials and listed possible options.Twila Van Leer:

Qualifications: High school diploma, short college experience, 40 years as journalist with a variety of assignments in reporting and editing; two years' experience as instructor in a daily church program for youth.

Mouritsen's reply: Unless the State Board of Education could be convinced to waive the requirements for alternative certification through her demonstration of skills and abilities acquired outside college, she would be eligible only for the eminence program, which allows an uncertified person to teach two classes a day. Becoming a full-time teacher would most likely require a four-year baccalaureate program, although some institutions would grant credit for life experiences.

Angelyn N. Hutchinson:

Qualifications: Bachelor's degree, University of Utah, journalism major and minor equivalent in English of 35 hours; master's degree, Northwestern University, journalism; 19 years as a professional journalist, including work as a reporter, copy editor and editor at four newspapers; public relations work.

Mouritsen's reply: Hutchinson could follow any of four different paths to a teaching certificate. Because of a strong background in journalism and English, she could receive endorsements in both areas but would need additional education in teaching methodology.

She could seek a master's degree in education, which would take 12 to 18 months; an alternative certificate, which would require two years under a mentor teacher and some methodology courses, if a school district wanted to hire her; waiver of the methodology requirements by the State Board of Education, but she would probably have to document her methodology skills in such areas as class management; or receipt of a letter of authorization which would allow her to teach if a school district, probably in a rural area, needed her particular talents.