It's springtime, the scent of an economic recovery is in the air, and investors are searching for fertile ground in which their cash crops can grow.

This week The Meyers Report is taking a look at the stock market and where industry experts see opportunity. However, the yield on your personal investment will depend on the strategy you adopt.The choices are wide open. Zesty investors, with strong constitutions and stomachs, can try for a fast and high yield. If you are less inclined to be venturesome, take a long-term approach and go with historical performers, then you can sleep better at night.

Leading the early stages of the coming economic recovery is the housing industry, which is being spurred on by some of the lowest mortgage interest rates in the last three years.

Rich Miller, vice president of A. G. Edwards in Fort Wayne, Ind., likes banking stocks.

"As people refinance their mortgages to take advantage of lower rates, banks are picking up points (costs to process the loan) and profits, just for shuffling papers," said Miller. "This, combined with what should be a healthier real estate portfolio overall, makes banks a likely big beneficiary of the current upswing."

Home remodeling also should be a big factor, so companies associated with home improvement and consumer sales should do well."

Ron Ognar, senior vice president and manager of Kemper's Growth Fund in Chicago, likes blue chips in the health industry.

"Right now we're staying with growth; proven companies that can weather a slow rebound as we come out of this recession," Ognar said.

For long-term profits, he likes the pharmaceutical stocks. His largest holding right now is Bristol-Myers Squibb, a leading developer of new products in the drug field.

"I like this company because they could experience earnings growth of 20 percent annually for the next five years," Ognar said.

Bristol-Myers Squibb is currently working on a number of new cancer drugs and has an AIDS drug before the FDA for approval. Plus, "they're carrying only 4 percent debt and are paying a 3 percent dividend," Ognar said.

Pfizer is another Ognar favorite, because he believes it will prosper from large amounts spent on research and development.

"Over the next 3 to 4 years, Pfizer will have the strongest new drug lineup in the industry," said Ognar. "I'm projecting their earnings growth to be around 18 percent annually over the next 5 years."