More powerful than a ton of plastic foam, a hundred times more biodegradable than a disposable diaper, able to poke three gum wrappers in a single stab.

Look! It's a big chartreuse sea gull. It's a parks department worker gone spandex. No, it's Litterman!The world's newest caped crusader emerged from his secret central-Ogden hideout Earth Day afternoon and plunged his goggle and polymer-encased body into the waste stream, picking up litter along downtown roadsides and collecting shouts of encouragement from passers-by.

But he's no super hero.

"I'm not super or a hero; there are a lot of heroes out there cleaning up the environment."

He wields no super weapon.

"It's a broomstick with a nail in the end."

He has no superpowers.

"Unless being honest, decent and hard-working count."

He must have nerves of steel to put on that outfit.

"This brings attention to the country's litter problem. I'm just doing my litter part."

He's hoping for big things, though.

"Litterman was three years in the making and he's going nationwide. We'll have insignias, a Littervan and a newspaper called Litterture. He's no Woodsy Owl," a strictly common and cartoon character who encourages campers "to give a hoot, don't pollute."

Does that mean the yellow LM emblazoned across the planet emblazoned across his chest might one day be on a cereal box?

"That's possible. This is going to be big."

Although Litterman refuses to disclose his identity, he said he's 35 years old, has a regular life and is "an all-around good guy."