The College of Eastern Utah is sponsoring field trips into three different areas in the heart of Anasazi country.

Chaco Canyon trips are planned for May 11-18 and June 17-24. The trips, co-sponsored by the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, will be led by Chaco archaeologists R. Gwinn Vivian and Wolcott Toll.Utah artist and rock art specialist Joe Pachak will lead two field trips, one May 22-24 and one May 25-26, into various Utah rock art sites, including along the San Juan River.

Pachak and Ute Mountain archaeologist Doug Bowman will also lead a June 1-4 field trip into Anasazi sites near Mesa Verde and through the Ute Mountain Tribal Park.

Trips are available through the White Mesa Institute for Cultural Studies on the San Juan campus in Blanding. For more information, contact the institute at 678-2201.