Born in June 1980 of black and Caucasian parents, Jerimiah is a loving and personable young man.

Riding his bike and playing basketball are his favorite outdoor activities. Going to church and being involved in church programs has been important to him.He likes music and drawing, and his teacher has noticed that Jerimiah's clay pots show a particularly good sense of symmetry and balance. When the teacher noticed Jerimiah doing a rather difficult adult wooden puzzle, he suggested further tests to determine Jeremiah's true abilities. The test scores indicated that he has above-average intelligence and he can perform quite well when his attention is focused appropriately.

But a past of abuse, neglect and abandonment by his mother has left Jerimiah with some significant emotional problems and some very difficult behaviors. He is very emotional and generally feels that he isn't liked by others. Sexually inappropriate behavior, fighting and vulgar language make him difficult to be with sometimes.