Recomp Inc., Bonneville Fuels Corp. and Bonneville Foods Corp., subsidiaries of Bonneville Pacific Corp., 257 E. 200 South, have taken action that officials believe will increase total annual revenues by $5 million.

Recomp Inc. has signed an agreement with the city of Freeport, Ill., to construct and operate a municipal solid waste composting plant with a minimum capacity of 60 tons per day and a potential of 90 tons per day. This is Recomp's third composting facility and will add $1.2 million of revenue annually.Bonneville Fuels has completed its well-drilling program in the Kutz Canyon area of the San Juan Basin, San Juan County, N.M. The 12 wells and are expected to increase the company's revenue by $400,000 in the first year of production.

Bonneville Foods has started production in its recently completed mushroom growing plants in Ferndale, Wash., and Rifle, Colo. These plants will expand the present production of shiitake and oyster mushrooms by 650,000 pounds annually and will add $3.4 million of additional revenue annually.